Buenos Aires, Argentina: August 9, 2009

Here we are traveling to BA why not visit the lady of Argentina… EVITA! We took a cab to the cemetery and arrived in time for a free tour with a docent (that obviously wasn’t pro-Evita) but gave a wonderful tour with history to most of the landmark mausoleums.  The great thing about this cemetary is the plots (forgive my pun) are to die for.  People would give everything for a famed mausoleum spot.   i read on  wikipedia the site contains 4691 vaults, all above ground, of which 94 have been declared National Historical Monuments.  As we passed by a few you can peek through the stain glass of a few and see the coffins lay out in shelves.  The entrance is locked by a typical key that the family or caretaker has a hold of.  It is an amazing collection of Mausoleums I’ve ever seen.  it didn’t even feel as if i was in a cemetery.



Unconventionally excited for this tour!

Of course we all dressed like we were going to a funeral.  what else do you wear when you go to a cemetery?






Evita was laid to rest here in a quaint family mausoleum.


After the tour we got a chance to walk around the area and what else is there to do but eat?




5920_157099972467_3526828_n 5920_157099967467_854070_n


Beautiful model of Olive Oil

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