Don’t cry for me Argentina…

Buenos Aires, Argentina: July 29, 2009

I must say… this was one of the cheapest trip i’ve ever paid for.

Mexicana! you are the best. LAX to Buenos Aires :$380 What the hey!   Four girls and a country known for tango, meat, and wine.  This was amazing.  Cept i didn’t eat meat at the time. haha.

The flight from SFO to LAX cost around $50 which we thought was a deal since of our great deal.  I didn’t realaze the flight to Argentina didn’t just take a couple hours.  at one point i stood up and asked how long does it take. the steward said…roughly 12 hours what the heyyyy was i thinking?

We stayed at the very lovely Marriott.  conveniently located near a great busy shopping area! Oh Hey!!! Great job Mariott for having wonderful rates at an excellent location.










Funny thing was although that the Marriott was wonderful it didn’t come with breakfast. So everyday we stopped by the neighborhood galleria and got a quick bite from their food court selection!



Walking around this street you find crazy people dropping $$$ everywhere.  or just crazy people in general.


Argentina is known for it’s beef so naturally their burgers at fast food chains would show case them.  it was tough not eating meat there.  i would ask if they had a veggie sandwich and they were always puzzled.  at one point i just told them i want a cheeseburger hold the burger patty.  My friend who is a picky eater vets the quality of the meat even in the neighborhood MC Donalds was superb.  she said it was one of the best burgers she had ever had.




We walked down this street and found tons of shops and vendors alike,  We went into this one office/school supply store and we were just shooting the breeze with the employees.15


What tragedy.  My poor Tuktuk crashed to the ceramic tile and shattered into pieces!  The employees helped us out and moved some shelf and started helping us pick up the pieces. one-by-one.

Off to dinner.  We had to have local wine! and this photo seemed like a perfect ad for it!

After dinner we did what any girl would do… go to the grocery store! to buy some beer and snacks!  we stocked up and called it a night!




We ended the night at the hotel and guess what Sharon did?


Broken Tuktuk


All better! Although the Tip of his trunk is chipped. Adds character don’t you think?

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