Solvang and 30.

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I’m thirty and two days older.  three pounds heavier.  Eating all those dutch cookies and danishes helped with that.  All worth it.  We started our drive on Friday left our house around noon time.  We made one stop in Salinas to gas up and continued the rest of our four hour drive to Solvang.

The Royal Copenhagen Inn – A Dog Friendly Hotel!
This was our home for the weekend.
I surprisingly packed light! Used every article of clothing.
My burrito of sadness.
One of the hotel amenities, Chess board for puppies.

We spent the rest of the day winding down with a quick walk through town.  I was popping in an out of bakeries buying up danishes left and right.  They were all so wonderful then we walked back to our hotel which was right smack int he middle of everything in Solvang.

My two favorites.

Solvang is known as wine destination in central California.  We couldn’t help but stop at a few.  It was also nice our hotel came with a complimentary wine tasting at the Presidio Winery across the street.

Presidio Winery- a dog and children friendly tasting venue
Carivintas Proceeds go to helping rescues.

After relaxing a bit at the hotel we decided to head to dinner two doors down to Solvang Brewery.  We decoded to get samples of all the beer they brewed in house.  This was tough. Especially after Eating a few appetizers and our entrees. In the end i was the winner and drank all 9 of my 4 oz samplers! (I passed out before it hit midnight.)


The next day, Tom planned out all our festivities.  We visited the famous Pancake house three doors down from our hotel. They didn’t allow dogs in the patio seating area but they did allow them by the edges.  So Panda got to sample a little of what Paula had to offer also.

Danish Pancakes with a Hemingway (smoked salmon) Benedict and Mimosas.

Up Next we went to this awesome ostrich farm.  The fee was $4 entree and $1 for feeding bowls.  All worth the experience.  The ostriches are one of the most aggressive birds I’ve ever come close to.  Maybe because they aren’t in the wild and they just want the food but these guys are crazy.  Panda didn’t like the idea of us feeding them without her getting any bird feed for herself.  After Ostrich Land we went to a dog friendly wine tasting.  Not only did they allow dogs they gave proceeds to rescues.






photo 2
Ostriches are the scariest birds ever!

We then walked around deeper into the little Danish town.  The same type of bakeries and shops catering to tourist who like wine and pastries.  We decided to grab a quick lunch at the Belgian Cafe.  I ordered the Traveler’s special.  I love Belgian waffles.  As a defunct Vegetarian i enjoyed the bacon very much!    After lunch we walked around more and i stopped by two other bakeries and ended up with a collection of pastries.  Mainly because i never carry cash with me so i also had to purchase a minimum amount.  Bad idea-but so delicious.  We then started to walk back to the hotel to rest up before dinner and maybe take a dip in the pool.  But not before we got some gelato!






Aebelskivers – what the Danish are known for apparently. I think of it as a deconstructed jelly doughnut. Too sweet and dense for my liking but we just had to try it for ourselves.





Dinner time!  We had reservations at Root 246 for 6:15 but apparently some reservations were running late so we were pushed back til 6:30.  no big deal 6:30 was early for dinner anyway.  It was a nice american bistro.  Nice modern and classy decor the food smelled wonderful as you walked in.  The hostess has a weird smile on her face.  I was a little nervous.  Thinking why is she smiling so big.  and Why is the wait staff all watching me walk i n.  I was thinking did he get a special room for us that he decorated?  What the heck…

It was a surprised. My family and friends were all waiting in a large room.  I was so shocked. I usually throw the parties and rarely like to celebrate my own birthday.  But really am surprised because who would drive 5 hours for dinner? haha it was the greatest surprise ever.  My college friends, my Guam friends, and my family!  best birthday ever!  the food was wonderful and the waitstaff was incredible.  it was all around good time.  Good job Tom!  A+ BF

photo 3

photo 4photo 1

photo 2

photo 3photo 4

photo 5

photo 1

Guess what I wished for? … Antarctica…

We ended the night back at Solvang brewery.  Lesson of the night.  Tokyo tea is only for when you are 21.  I woke up with a massive headache. Couldn’t even eat my yummy breakfast back at Paula’s. But all in all Wonderful time!


This little fashionista is my niece.
Panda enjoying her entire bed for the last time
All the wonderful prezzies everyone got me. I love socks and sunflowers! They know me so well.

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