Hello Little Xi’an.

Xi’an, China: October 19-21, 2010

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A good perspective of where Xi’an is located in China via Wikipedia

Our Itinerary for our quick stay in Xi’an
Beijing to Xian 9:15 PM
65°/48°F Arrive Xian 11:05 PM
Hotel: Han Tang Inn Youth Hostel
Taxi Pick up
Tuesday 10/19/10 Emperor Qin Shi & Terra Cotta Army 8:00AM (3hrs)
Wednesday 10/20/10
Thursday 10/21/10
Leave for Airport 7:00 PM
Xian to Chengdu 9:50 PM
67°/56°F Arrive Chengdu 10:55 PM

Our flight from Beijing to Xi’an was an Hour and 45 minutes.  Makes you realize how large this country really is.  We were excited to leave Beijing merely cause our hotel sucked.  Never again will I book a hotel through expedia.  The remainder of our stays will all be booked via Hostelworld.com and am looking forward to meeting fellow hostelers.

We arrived to the hotel quiet late.  We stayed at Han Tang Inn Youth Hostel.  It was really nice they provided a airport pickup for a small fee.  This was worth it.  Having left Beijing it seems like it took forever to leave and now we finally arrive in Xi’an.  The Taxi ride was smooth, we were inquisitive about what Xi’an has to offer.  We couldn’t really see much out since it was nearing midnight upon our arrival to the hostel.  All we saw was farm land and tall grass.  Then we approach the walled off portion of the city.  It was such a great location where the Youth Hostel was.  You can already tell it was right smack in the center of where things happen.

This Hostel was wonderful.  I think it was one of my favorites I’ve ever stayed in. The staff was friendly and helpful, the decor was young and vibrant, great information on tours and events we can participate in, plenty to fill your down time with their amenities.  I dedicate this post to them.  Here goes a wonderful Photo essay on how to make your Hostel just as wonderful as they did.


Sorry Van got in the Way!


Welcome to HanTang Inn Hostel







Computer stations for your convenience



More Terracotta Warriors


Tom at the Pool table, not a Terracotta warrior.


Some of their pets on site


Neighboring Buildings


Flags of the Nations


Books to keep you busy


If you are ever in Xi’an I highly recommend staying here!  You can find more info here:  http://www.hostelworld.com/hosteldetails.php/Han-Tang-Inn-Hostel/Xi-an/13385

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