Leshan Buddha


Leshan, China October 23, 20109a

All we intended to do in Chengdu was go to the Panda reserve.  We had the entire day free and debated if we should take the hour and half bus ride to see a Giant Buddha i read about in my DK Travel book.   We said what the hey… let’s do this.  We caught a bus at the local bus terminal and off we went. Before the bus ride we armed ourselves with snacks from the local store and from the street vendors.


Blueberry potato chips, not so weird. just a hint of blueberry after taste. the sweetness and saltiness of the chips were ok. Not really lusting for them. or will ever.


More street food: Wrapped bun in a banana leaf with meat


This was just the plan bun-no meat. The banana leaf leaves a hint of flavor on the bun. it was delicious.

We finally arrived at the Bus terminal in Leshan.  I can’t even remember the ride it wasn’t that long after all.  We had a game plan because we had a flight to catch later in the evening.  We will see the Giant Buddha then split – sorta.

So Tom and I walked for a little bit, this town was just known for the Giant Buddha and we see corwds of people walking in the same direction,  we follow.  Then we come to a point where we either had to hike up to the Buddha or take a ferry ride to see it. Guess what we chose?

The Ferry ride!  The ferry ride took less than an hour.  We picked it up with he rest of group that didn’t want to hike up the side of the cliff.  We figured the ferry ride will let us see the Giant Buddha in its entirety.  Plus we were limited in time so the ferry was the best option.


The typical ferry


Gossip Girls


Pondering Tom. “How did they really carve that?”


Did we really want to go all the up these stairs and get stuck in the crowd?


Nope! We enjoyed our decision.


Scale of people at the base of the Buddha

The Leshan Giant Buddha is carved out of a cliff face that lies where the Minjian, Dadu and Qingyi River meet.



More carvings on the side


Hi Tom.


Wearing my trusty life vest.


Foggy or smoggy?


Mister Ferry Man.

After we docked we headed back towards the bus terminal.  We couldn’t possible miss it.  We had to fly out to Guilin!  So we didn’t want to chance it so we took a local bus to the Terminal.  Saved us about half an hour worth of walking. Surprisingly the buses were so easy to navigate.  It reminded me of catching the MUNI back in San Francisco.


Excited he didn’t have to walk back


I’m just always excited. 🙂

We reached the terminal and there was no bus there yet.  I remember asking the man if this was the correct place to pick up the bus to go back to Chengdu.  He mentioned there was an earlier bus that we can catch to return to Chengdu.  We wandered a bit and picked up more local street food.


Little food stalls  close to the Bus Pick up

The bus arrived just like the man said.  We boarded and we were relieved we caught an earlier bus and headed on our way with our yummy treats back to Chengdu.


More of the yummy steam bun wrapped in banana leaf


So warm, so fluffy, so delicious.


Something different – reminded me of a tamale



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