Wandering Chengdu

Chengdu, China October 22-23, 2010

After the Panda Reserve there wasn’t much to do in Chengdu- Especially where we stayed.

We hung around the hostel for a little bit had a snack, played some ping pong then decided to walk around our hostel.


Browsing around the room


The reception area

We decided to grab some dinner at the local eatery.  We ended up eating at a hole in the wall restaurants along with fellow diners.  This time no photographs to help us tell them what we wanted to eat.  Luckily i take photos of previous meals we had and i showed them.  We laughed and they came up with dishes close to what we wanted to eat.  So taking photographs of your food isn’t as annoying if there is a purpose!


Sauteed chicken, mushrooms, and greens



My favorite, dry fried string breans


Confused on what to order. Until my brilliant plan.

After dinner we wanted to digest.  And oddly we see a gathering of people doing some form of line dancing.  First we thought it was a protest, but it was just a mass of women who wanted to dance!


Chinese Fire Engine


Let the dancing Begin!





A lot of buildings in Chengdu looked consist of  mult-level housing.

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