The Perfume Center

Cairo, Egypt: November 29, 2008

Perfume Sampling:

If you know me i hate strongly scented things.  I don’t know how we ended up here i think our tour guide suggested it.  but idk. It was a fun experience anyway.  The shop owner explained how the leaves of the oil were extracted.  Proudly he mentioned they were picked by children that were 8 years old.  In my head WTH child labor…  He then talked about these scented oils, how certain scent attract men, how your  romance life will be, how healthy you will get.  you know the usual BS. (im so skeptical) .  I left the perfume center with three bottles of smelly oils i gifted to my mom, my sister and the extra one i kept for a bit til it burst in my room and my room smelled like Cleopatra’s love for a month.

Welcome to the Perfume Center, almost the most awkward situation in your life.

Welcome to the Perfume Center, almost the most awkward situation in my life.


Really delicate bottles where your put your potent perfume in.


Selection of perfume oils.


and it goes… on and on…


they served us really great hibiscus tea


to sample these perfume oils, the shop owner rubs it on you. in this case D.

No way homeboy could try to massage these scented oils on me.  so i let him apply some on a cotton ball and dab it on my arm.


this is the closest he can get from me. with a cotton ball and on my arm.

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