Lone Traveler.

I never traveled alone. Well I’ve flown alone and met a friend at my destination.

I have a few down days while in Manila,
I’ve been there done that.
So I want to make the most use of my vacation and see something new.

How crazy would it be if I traveled to Malaysia? Alone.
I mean people do it all the time. And I’m hard to pull one over because I’m so skeptical. I will need to do more homework.

Or an I stretching myself to thin…

Thirty days. Hmmm.


3 responses to “Lone Traveler.

  1. Raine, just take the plunge. I promise you it will be amazing. If you ever found yourself in Manila looking for people to hag out with, let me know. Good luck on your future travels 🙂


  2. .. hi raine. i think you have chosen malaysia as a good start of your solo travel. being skeptical at first is fine, it makes you cautious and anyway, all countries have their share of horror stories from travelers.

    .. thanks for visiting my blog and adding it in your links, will include yours too.


  3. Raine, You should do it. There is nothing more liberating than traveling to a place alone. I traveled to Peru alone and I did not even know the language. Imagine 2 weeks of charades and acting out your questions to people and then having them do the same to you. Its hilarious! What I discovered was that people are good, kind, helpful, fun and always willing to meet strangers. There was not one day that I didn’t meet someone new to do something with. Do it and you will meet SO MANY other solo travelers. It was one of the best experiences of my life. You are brave and so adventurous. Of all the people I know, you would love the experience the most.


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