The Great Pyramids of Giza

Egypt: November 24, 2008

What do you do for the week of Thanksgiving?

Go to EGYPT of course!

My friend Deanna and i have been planning a trip-this trip happened to be to Egypt.   We booked hotel and flight for 9 days on Expedia and it so happen to be a deal.  And and amazing trip!

Our View from our hotel window.

Our View from our hotel window.

Look the Pyramids are so close we can walk to them right? WRONG.  we did try to walk the second time around.  we found out the hard way that it was further than we thought.  it took us about an hour to get to the base of the pyramids!

My Traveling Companion Tuktuk at Gyza Pyramids

My Traveling Companion Tuktuk at Giza Pyramids

Can't visit the Sahara without a camel ride

Can’t visit the Sahara without a camel ride

Our Camel Leader

Our Camel Leader

camel sahara

Chillin' Camels

Chillin’ Camels

On our First Day we visited the Pyramids.  We have to get a ticket to visit one of the three main ones.  I need to say Pyramids are ridiculously cramped.  So hard to breath and that steep decline to get in makes you so winded.  People rush to get to the bottom of the pyramid then quickly rush up to the top to gasp some air.  Lucky us we took our time cause we realize what are these fools doing.  Of course there is a lack of oxygen and we should over exert ourselves.  So we took our time with a slow pace and took a break towards the middle of the decent in a nook.  Smart travelers we are we brought water and a hand fan.  We finally reached the bottom of the pyramid and my friend Deanna and I were the only ones there with the care taker.  We sat down next to him and chatted with him.  He looked thirsty so i offered him my water.  He then smiled at us and motioned us to touch the sarcophagus.  He wanted us to to feel the soft limestone.  I jokingly asked hey can i sit inside.  He smiled and shrugged.  The he got up to check if there was anyone else coming down into the base there was no one.  So he motioned to us to go-Yes Go ahead and go sit in the sarcophagus.  The two of use sat inside this cool coffin.  it was lime stone so it was literally cooler inside.  it was a good minute inside the sarcophagus then he mentioned people were coming so we had to quickly jump out.  this was one of the best experiences I’ve had.  sitting in a sarcophagus.  before we left we graciously tipped him then we went on our way.  My friend regretted leaving her fan with him cause she thought he was so hot down there.  But hey he does this all day he can live with out a touristy thing. right?  So now all we thought about it -wait a second are we cursed now?

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